Simple interface & great functionality.

Backup to the cloud or share your videos.

Capture videos, photos & timelapses.

Voice control for added safety.

Time, date & location stamp your videos.

CarCamApp Video

Your all purpose dash camera right in your iPhone!

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Because we love sharing sunny summer drives here in the northern hemisphere, CarCamApp is currently FREE to download!

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Simple and quick to navigate.

CarCamApp is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Almost every option within the app is reachable within two taps, keeping the app minimal and highly functional.

Voice command for added safety and ease.

In order to improve the safety of an app designed to be used in the car we had to consider how users could interface with the app without being distracted. Simply activate the Voice Command option before setting off and CarCamApp will be ready to go when you are, simply say ‘Record’.

Time, date & location stamp your videos.

Imprint your video and photos with a time and date stamp to prove when they were taken. You can also embed your location which updates automatically as you move.

Backup your files online or share them.

Backup your files using iTunes or upload your content to the ever awesome Dropbox with ease. Export your images and video to your Photo Library to enhance, edit and share using your favourite dedicate apps. We’re seeking to add new sharing options as time goes on so keep checking your sharing options.

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